12 April 2009

Budapest Final Day- Gellert Bath, Graveyard

This large pool inside the Gellert bath was actually COLD! I tried to go in about three times and always gave up and went back to the small warm pool. Chris went all the way in with Elora. He could not turn around because there are little arrows indicating that you have to swim in a certain direction. So he had to go all the way around the whole pool to get out.

This was a pretty statue inside the building. Elora asked, "Is she going swimming? Does she have a bathing suit? Will she put it on?"

Oddly enough, one of our favorite places to go is large cemetaries. There are such beautiful statues and they are very peaceful.

There is always a nice sense of reverence that a cemetary inspires.

Old cemetaries are filled with lots of statues that depict different responses or interpretations of life and death that really show a lot about a particular society. Statues are filled with anguish or sadness, some are hopeful, peaceful, some are religious, duty, or show family, etc.

Nowadays, we just have a block with a name on it, that doesn't really say much about us. Kind of sad. There was also the Soviet section of this cemetary, that didn't have any statues, and all the graves looked the same...hmmm... When the Soviets took over the cemetary, they created the separate Soviet section and emphasized it, and shunned the section where the notable Hungarian's were buried. For a long time afterwards, the Hungarians still reguarded the whole cemetary as a Soviet cemetary and didn't want to be buried there.

Elora was picking the little weed flowers to share with her brother or to place on the graves.

Are we bad parents for letting Oliver crawl around the graves? Nuff said.

More statues. More statements. We debated about this particular statue, and what the man did in life to have such a statue chosen for him. It's kind of like poetry, the statues can have a different interpretation for everyone...

This one looks like it could be sitting on the mantle of my mom's fireplace... This was the last place we had time to go on our trip, and I am glad that we took the time to visit. I would love to spend more time there, it is huge and we only got to see a little piece.

And finally the train station!!! We grabbed some KFC (Chris thinks that because we never ate there when we lived in the USA it is still more special than eating at McDonalds...) and then it was off to find our train to head back to Vienna. It was a fun filled four days, but we were glad to be home - to our empty fridge on a Saturday night in a town when stores close at 6pm and don't open on Sunday...

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