29 March 2009

Vienna Sammlung Alter Musikinstrumente

The Musical Instrument Museum!

The Hofberg Imperial palace houses a large collection of antique music instruments. Its one of the museums our membership gets us into.

Here is Elora checking out a gold trimmed piano that Mozart used to compose one of his symphonies.

Elora was really intrigued by this portrait of Beethoven when he was a small boy.

Royal trumpets used to announce the presence of the Emperor? Or maybe they were just used by the marching band before football matches.

The museum is housed in the Hofburg Imperial Palace (huge) with all the instruments scattered across different rooms. It would be interesting enough to walk through and just look at the various rooms, but musical instruments are a bonus. There are some really cool and old looking instruments too (coffee table piano or a piano in a china hutch), but we didn't want to clog up the blog with too many pics.

Inside the Hofburg there is also the Royal Treasury, which we already blogged, as well as an Armory with ornate weapons and suits of armor, plus an Ephesus/Greek museum. We'll be back!

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