05 March 2009

Vienna Hohe Wand Wiese

There is a ski hill on the outskirts of Vienna, and even though we
live on the outskirts of Vienna, it's still about an hour from us by
public transport...

But we have gone a couple times to try out our new skis, and to let
Elora try skiing again.

The one day we went, Elora was really excited to try the skiing, but she was very tired and only lasted for a few minutes before saying she needed a nap.
It is actually really cheap - 10 Euro for a card that is good the whole season, and you can go on 20 runs with it. Of course, there is only one hill and one tow bar, but it is a pretty good run and close to home...

I had some issues using the toe bar, that left me black and blue in a certain area that would not be appropriate to take a picture of!

Ollie meanwhile enjoyed eating snow and crawling around.

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