06 March 2009

Train Trip to Bad Kleinkirchheim

We're on a trip right now to Bad Kleinkirchheim, a ski town in lower Austria. To get there we had to spend most of the day on train or bus or making connections. It involved a long walk to the first train, a train ride to the Vienna Sudbahnhof, a long train ride, then a quick transfer on another train, then a long bus ride, then a short walk to the apartment we are renting. Oh, and we missed our first train, which meant we missed the main connection we wanted to make, which meant we arrived two hours later than we originally planned.

But the train itself was nice, with little cabins that you could close yourself in, and each of the seats could recline to make a little bed. Elora met a little Austrian boy on the train and she was very excited to speak German to him. She talked about the Schnee, she said "Wie heisst du? Ich heisse Elora." then she started getting weird speaking Deutsch-English saying things like "das Brother" (pointing to Oliver) "das Mama", "das Teddy Bar" (this was correct) and our favorite was "das Napkin". The other lady in our cabin and the dad of the little boy thought it was hilarious, but the little boy just looked confused. Then he left and came back bringing her a little Kinder chocolate and Elora knew exactly what that was and said Danke.

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  1. I can't believe how big Elora is! She is beautiful. You guys are much better at blogging than me. Your lives are much more interesting than ours....it's kinda boring here ;).


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