08 March 2009

Skiing in Bad Kleinkirchheim

So here we are on the chair lift that is just across from our hotel. It was actually raining like crazy down below, which isn't that fun sitting on a chairlift getting drenched in the rain.
Up top there was some awesome snow and powder. It was great. Karen had never skied on powder before and struggled a bit, but she did well.
Check out the video of Karen tearing up the mountain. If you watch to the end you get to see the aftermath of a wipeout. I was about to shut off the camera and she crashed. But I got the tail end of it (her) on video. She got up right away and kept skiing!

After a couple runs Karen went home and left me to finish off the mountain. I went higher up where there was like knee deep powder. It was toughat the very top because you couldn't see what was in front or to the side of you, just what was underneath your skis. Here is a picture from lower down... if I took a picture at the top it would have just looked white, so if you want to imagine what it looked like just put a piece of paper in front of your face.

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