27 March 2009

Return to Kunsthistorische Museum

We have a free access to several museums in Vienna thanks to our Kunsthistorische Museum membership. The national art history museum is so large that you can't really see it all in a week. So we just go and visit a section at time.

Just a nice view from the outside. It's impossible to get tired of the Viennese Architecture.

Elora was looking out over the main entry stairway, and right as we snapped this picture she was turning around to run off somewhere. It looks like she's doing "the robot" dance move. Notice she's carrying her new "rat purse" that she got for her birthday from Sarah.

Whenever you show Elora a painting she wants to know about it. Sometimes you can figure it out from history, or the title of the painting (in German) and other times you can't so you just make it up. She'll sometimes make you sit there for 10 minutes or more telling her about the painting. And when you go to move on to the next one she'll say, "wait go back I want to see the other painting again." Good thing we have a membership...

Click on this one to get a better view. It's very cool. The artist (Giuseppe Arcimboldo) made this painting as part of a series 500 years ago. He took various elements from "earth" (or wind, sea, or fire) or the 4 seasons and painted them together to make a portrait. The artist must have been ahead of his time, because this looks like something you'd see in a contemporary museum: abstract "vegetable man".

Oliver is perhaps like his Grampy Williams on this day... sleeping through all that culture stuff...

Here is a lovely painting of the Romans destroying the Temple in Jeruesalem with the general trying to get his soldiers to stop. Elora loved it and insisted she get a story about it and kept talking about it and asking to go see it. Notice the dead bodies and heads lying around... Elora asked, "are they sick? are people helping them? are they going to the hospital?"

Here are Elora and her Daddy admiring the ceiling and sculptures at a cafe on the second floor in the center of the museum. Viennese people love cafes so much they integrate them into their most treasured palaces and museums. It's kind of funny to take such a huge historical landmark and then make it into a place to get a croissant or an apfel strudel... but pretty cool at the same time. I guess it just shows how ordinary and common palaces are in Vienna that they have to get some kind of use out of them: "Hey you want to stop by the grand palace for a doughnut?"

After spending close to two hours in one wing of the Museum, we felt it was time to start heading home before Elora got too tired and Ollie woke up. It's impossible to get over the feeling of how out of place you are in such an awe inspiring building. Pushing a stroller through the midst of it seems and looks laughable.

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