09 March 2009

The Restaurant

So we cooked meals at the apartment in BKK (Bad Kleinkirchheim) every night except this night. Both the kids were sick so we waited until the last night to go out. We tried to go early in the evening, but when we arrived at this empty restaurant, the manager said they were full (it was empty). He said we needed a reservation, and he had a lot of tables that were booked at 6pm, even though it was not yet 5:30pm. We said we'd be fast, but he said the kitchen was slow. So we walked around with the kids looking for other restaurants and found another one that was completely empty, yet completely booked (in a half hour or so). So it's a strange comparison to the US where no one takes reservations anymore and over here everything is reserved so the restaurant is empty and they turn away business. Strange.

We gave up on dinner after walking around for 30 minutes, went back to the apartment and fed the kids some veggies and hot dogs. Meanwhile Karen went to get a reservation and was told there weren't any until 8pm. So we put the kids to bed and snuck out for a half hour (don't tell anyone!).

For dessert we had Kaiserschmarrn, which is hard to explain, but kind of like pancakes with sugar and plum sauce.

I also had a form of pancakes with ice cream and whipped cream. Then we hurried back to the room in just under a half an hour to find the kids still safely asleep (and they say the kitchen wasn't fast)

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