30 March 2009

Naschmarkt Kebab - H.A.S. Kebabs

The Vienna Naschmarkt is a large open air fresh meat, fish, fruit, veggies, spices, etc. market stretching over a kilometer long. There are also quite a few little restaurants and cafes there.

We go there for some grocery shopping and to get this magnificent item of food called a Kebab. It looks like a Gyros, but it tastes better. Rumor has it they are terrible for you with 1 Kebab having over 50% of your fat and salt intake for the day. But it sure beats McDonalds!

What's funny is the Vienna people for the most part profess to dislike the Kebab (but we think they secretly like them). Kebabs are mostly eaten by immigrants that love them (perhaps because we don't know any better).

Kebabs are Turkish food, and I guess there's something about fighting to keep the Turks out for 1000+ years that causes Viennese people to prefer a Bratwurst stand to the Kebab stand. Maybe we should start up a Brat & Kebab combo sandwich shop?

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