20 March 2009

Music Together

I found a Music Together Class here in Vienna. It is a little music class, taught in English, for young kids of any age. Elora went a few times in California with her cousin Aidan and loved it, so when I saw they had it here, and I was excited to sign up the kids. We went to the free demo class, and the kids both had a great time, especially during the parachute songs and jumping songs.

Oliver mostly just crawled around, but he loves to dance and hear music, so I am excited to bring him to the class.

Elora and Oliver will be coming to class with me every week starting in April. I am so excited for a chance for Elora to meet some kids (who actually are mostly Austrian kids who are learning English) and to get to learn some fun songs and play with music. After the class Elora walked around singing "Trot Old Joe" (a song about a horse we learned in class) for about a week. Very fun.
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