19 March 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

There was a little St. Patrick's Day celebration in Vienna last Saturday, so Elora wore her St. Patrick's Day socks, and I put on my green scarf and took the kids to check it out.

There was a little parade to kick off the St. Patrick's Day celebration. Elora was so excited when she could hear the music. She said, "Do you hear that? The parade is coming!"

This was one of Elora's favorite parts. She loved seeing the dogs all dressed up.

Elora got an Irish flag and she was so excited to wave her flag and march around like she was in a parade. Actually she has been waving her flag and marching around the house ever since we saw the parade! I hope every one had a really happy St. Patrick's Day!
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  1. Did you ever go to the parade when you lived out here? I GUARANTEE your parade in Vienna was SO much more fun. It's look like a blast! Happy St. Patty's day!

  2. Actually I think I posted the pics of the only highlights! It was mostly a chance for all the Irish people to tag along after the band, but still fun! I was kind of wishing there would be a girl scout troop or two along with the dogs... I love the Dublin St. Patty's Day celebration!


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