22 March 2009

Going to the Park! It's getting warmer! Maybe...

We had a couple days where the sun came out and it was warm enough to go outside. I was so excited that I was the one saying, "Come on, let's go to the park! Don't you want to go outside?"

It is fun to watch them play now that Oliver is big enough to join in the fun, and Elora is getting big enough to climb and play on more stuff by herself(gasp! Tough for me to just let her go though...)

Elora has a special spot where she always runs and puts her Teddy down. Looks pretty clean eh? No wonder they call him the Dirty Teddy.

Little spring time flowers are popping up everwhere in the grass.

No Hands! The parks here are so much fun. Some of them are big and elaborate with stuff only an engineer could think of. Other parks have just a single swing and a teeter toter. Here is Elora on a little spring mounted horse-thing.

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