10 March 2009

Final Ski Day

On our last day, the snowing stopped and the sun finally came out! It was a beautiful morning, so we headed off to the slopes. Here is a view from the chairlift. The chairlifts are crazy, they take you to the top of huge mountains... it is kind of a nice, long relaxing way to start the ski day though.

So when you go up the chairlifts you can see tracks in the deep snow under the lifts where people have skiied, even though these technically are not ski runs. I always wondered what crazy people ski there because it is steep terrain... but then Chris came home one day and proudly told me how he had gone down the mountain in waist deep powder around the avalanche barriers. Question answered. Here is a pic of one of the spots he went down. Chris proudly points out that he was only the second pair of tracks. This is the next day when more people had attempted it. A person even yelled from the lift as he skied, "Super!" or more accurately, "Zoo-pah!" Great, just what he needed, someone to egg him on.

At the top of the mountain the wind was pretty crazy, and it made it kind of cold, but the views were gorgeous! It had been cloudy earlier in the week, so this was the first day we could enjoy the views. The snow up top was perfect for skiing too.

Here is me at the top of the mountain. These pics don't show how beautiful it was though...

This is the run I was about to go down. I sat at the top for a minute to build up my confidence (yeah, because that always works...) The snow turned out to be perfect, and I skied down without incident, a really enjoyable run actually.

After our skiing, we packed up and made one final stop at the bakery for some excellent Schwarzwalder and Nusstorte. (Black forest and nut cake). Very tasty. Elora loved it, and enjoyed licking every last morsel of cake and cream off our plates.

Here is Chris' video coming down a run that I always fell on. I actually had just had a bad fall, where Chris had to ski partway down to bring me my ski which was stuck in the snow 30 feet above me... which is why in the video he is not starting at the top of the run. Pretty fancy skiing Mr. Williams. We are all in awe of your skills.

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