14 March 2009

Elora Reading the Scriptures...

Elora was having a lot of fun one night, running around the house, singing and dancing, when suddenly she wanted to stop and read the scriptures, and start recalling parts from the broadway musicals Cats and Joseph and the Dreamcoat, and mixing them in with what she remembered reading in the scriptures. It's kind of cute to sit through...if you're a grandparent...

Some cute things she says:

  • "Dance upon a dream" (she's a poet!)
  • "Your body stays strong so you can eat a cookie"
  • "Mommy ate all the cookies"
  • "I'm a jellicle cat, I love to climb up on rocks"
  • "I love treats but too many treats can make your belly hurt"
  • "Stop eating too many treats and dance!"
  • "In the jellicle part they got married, they had to dance and got married"
  • "I'm reading the part where they get married and they lived happily ever after"
  • "And then they pubbed and subbed upon many... and they hiked upon a hill" (huh?)
  • "And it came to pass the word (or the Lord?) is so much pub" (huh?)
  • Plus more if you feel like watching...

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