17 March 2009

Elora is the big 3! (little 3?)

I can't believe Elora is already three years old! She is getting way too grown up - her favorite things are telling stories, being told stories, singing, dancing, telling Oliver what he can play with (and what he can't), and running around outside with her Teddy.

We had a little family birthday party last week when Chris had a day off of school. Elora has been asking me if it was her birthday for a few weeks now, so she was very surprised when I told her she could actually open her presents now. Here are some highlights!

Elora got some Mickey and Friends toys from Grandma and Grandpa - she apparently couldn't decide which one to play with first... Ollie got some too, and he went straight for Mickey.

Here she is reading a new book, and sporting her new hat that Nana sent her.

We found a toy we had forgotten to give Oliver on his birthday, and he was happy to have a present to open too. He loved playing with his new car on our hardwood floors. (Thanks Trawicks, he loves it! And Elora loves it too, she "borrows" Ollie's cars all the time).

Elora's new sunglasses from Nana. She plays with them more than she wears them, but she is so excited about her new glasses that she sleeps with them every night.

Elora helped me make a little cake, and was so excited for us to sing Happy Birthday to her. Chris has been helping Elora practice blowing out candles, so she did a pretty good job until she forgot she had to blow through her mouth and not her teeth...

After Chris and I had finished our cake and started clearing the table, I turned around and saw that Elora had picked up the rest of the cake and put it on her plate. She looks pretty pleased with herself, doesn't she?

Elora got a nice card from her Great Grandma that has a little bunny on the front. Elora loves it and carries it around the house with her, asking me, "Is the bunny turning three too?" Because it has a rabbit, Elora has informed me that for her friend birthday party this Friday she needs to have a carrot cake (she has never had carrot cake, but apparently since rabbits like carrots, she thinks that she will like it too). Chris meanwhile insists that there will be no carrots in the cake...

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