31 March 2009

Die Hofjagd und Rüstkammer (Imperial Armory) Museum

Here is part of the Hofburg, which houses lots of museums. We went to the imperial armory, home to lots of ancient and ornate armor and weapons.

A lot of the weapons and armor belonged to different emperors and royalty, and most of it probably wasn't used too often, but it was really fancy.

There are quite a few pictures in this post, so we put it on two pages. Click the "finish reading" to see the rest.

Plus when you finish reading, more Photos from the Armory and Music Museum Added here.

Chris loves this picture, because I am pointing with both hands... I have no clue why, I didn't realize anything was exciting enough for the double point...

Can you count the number of swords coming out of this shield/armored glove/sword combination? Chris says he would like one for his birthday.

Elora loved the "baby knight". She stood and looked at it for a really long time. She walked around looking at all the "knights" and would ask, "Is this a nice knight?"

The lances were so big that the knights actually did not hold them, there was a little lever that hooked under their arms to counterbalance all the weight. Interesting.

And you can see why they would need the lever thing, because these are the lances. They are seriously as big as a tree.

And here is the armor for the royal elephant man. He will be starring in the next Batman movie.

This was a very ornate and pretty(?) piece of armor. Chris says it must have been for those nancy boy knights (which ones were those Chris? Response - the ones from England)

Look closely and you will see a musket pistol coming out of the hilt of this sword. What would they need it for? Why? To sneak past security of course. Nothing to see here guards, just this harmless sword. Bang! What is actually kind of interesting is the unique and innovative ways they came up with all these strange weapons and then made them look beautiful. "Ah dad, I can't take the ugly arquebus, I need the new Loius Vuitton rifle!"

And here is one of those nancy boy knights from the UK(?) Sorry, it's late at night and the smoke alarm has already gone off twice... What animal do you suppose they got that large feather from?

This must be a dueling pistol set... Why else would they need two? (Chris says, "Double the pleasure, double the fun.")

Here is Elora skipping around. There were so many neat weapons and such that we stopped looking and just let Elora run around in the courtyard. We figured we would come back another day.

Ah, isn't it sweet to see my children banging on the glass in the museum? But I will have you know, I put an end to it (right after Chris took a picture...)

Elora liked this "pretty knight" as she called it.

Oliver was not such a fan of riding in the stroller, so we let him loose in the courtyard with Elora. He kept crawling away from me and laughing whenever I tried to catch him.

And finally... on the way out Elora started admiring the ceiling, and then couldn't help herself - she began to dance in the "ballroom". Make sure you click on this pic to make it bigger, it is very cute.

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