20 February 2009

Van Gogh Exhibit

There was a Van Gogh exhibit here that I really wanted to go to, but I kept forgetting until the last day... so off we went to the Albertina to see it and there was a huge crowd. It was awesome though, because they have to line up on the stairs, and they let us go up the elevator in the stroller, and then one of the employees escorted us to the front of the line! Apparently they want to rush those of us crazy enough to bring our kids inside, so that we will hurry and leave before our kids have caused too much trouble...

Of course you are not supposed to take pics inside, but we chanced a few just to prove we were there. Elora actually really liked looking at all the paintings, she always wants us to tell her what is in each picture. It works well for seeing all the paintings...

After we got sick of the crowds in the exhibit we went upstairs to view the other galleries from contemporary painters. Elora found one painting she really loved and stood looking at for a long time... Of course, after taking this picture we were quickly rushed away by the security guard. (I think the artist would appreciate this photo...)

So the moral of the story is, go to the exhibit earlier to avoid the crowds, but always bring the kids so they let us cut in line!

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