18 February 2009

Valentine's Day Cookies

On Valentine's Day Elora and I decided to make some cookies for Chris. Elora loves making cookies, because she is allowed to stick her hands in the flour and sugar, but mostly because she gets to eat the dough (we always have to have little talks about how much dough is okay to eat...)

Here she is hugging her little cookie she cut out before putting it on the cookie sheet. She said, "I LOVE my cookies!!!" And look how cute she is in her apron. It came from her cashier set she got from her Uncle David, and she loves to wear it whenever we are making dough of any kind.

Placing them on the tray... (before taking a pinch of dough off each cookie to eat)

She kept trying to pull the tray off the counter while the oven was preheating, so I finally just pulled it down so she could see. You may notice the one cookie that is no longer in line... I forget that she is tall enough to grab things off the counter! The cookies on the cookie sheet are no longer safe from my little cookie monster (Or should I say, Cookie Dough Monster)!

Ollie wanted to cut out a cookie too. I have to use cups and other random household items for cookie cutters because I don't have any cookie cutters...

While waiting for the cookies to bake, Elora and I made Chris a Valentine out of some cut out hearts, crayons, and glue. It was our first attempt at using a glue stick. Elora wanted to use all the hearts I had cut out, because "This glue game is fun!"

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