23 February 2009

Snowy day, time to play

It has snowed pretty much every day for two three weeks. So we took Elora out for some sledding on the Rote Berge (the big hilly park near our house).

Elora really liked sledding and kept singing "Casey Jr coming down the track." over and over again as we would go down the hill.

As you can see, we have an old school sled. Our landlord left it in the building for us. We call it the "powder cutter" because it cuts through the powdery snow like hot fudge on top of ice cream. (eh?)

Daddy was taking pictures of the smiling happy Elora while Mommy was chucking snowballs at him. Elora meanwhile was eating a snowball that she calls a popscicle.

This weird basket swing thing had like 200lbs of snow in it and we were expecting the chains to break any minute. Elora calls it the "birds nest swing". As you can see she loves throwing snowballs.

Meanwhile, Ollie slept the whole time...

And it's still snowing strongly outside...we've probably got about 35cm of snow outside. Good luck relating to what that number means...

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