02 February 2009

A Snowman Named Non

We got a lot of snow last week (for Vienna anyway), and it was perfect snow for making a snowman. Elora was really excited because she asks to build a snowman every time she sees even a tiny bit of snow on the ground.

Little Oliver liked the snow for all of about two minutes. He seemed to think it was a good idea to crawl in the snow, but then got cold and rather wet, and cried to be picked up.

The snow here is heavy, sticky and wet, which makes for good snowball rolling. Chris got to make the snowman, since I for some reason cannot master the skill of rolling big snowballs...

Here is Elora throwing a snowball at the snowman. She seemed to think that the snow would stick if she just threw it in his direction instead of patting it onto him.

Then Elora layed down on a "pillow of snow" for a little rest.

Here is the finished snowman, which Elora named "Non". Note his fantastic bushy eyebrows, bushy hair, goatee, mustache, bottle cap eyes, and twenty-three Euro cent smile (isn't that upwards of five dollars?). We were impressed that no one stole his smile for four days, until I took the money back. Hey, finances are getting tight around here with the crisis. We're waiting for the stimulus...

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  1. Great snowman! I remember being so disappointed the first time I tried to roll a big snow ball and it wouldn't roll perfectly round like in the cartoons!


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