24 February 2009

A Snowman Named Degobah

As it has been snowing so much we went outside during one of Ollie's naps to play in the yard for a few minutes. (don't worry Grandparents we checked on Ollie a few times)

Elora always wants to build a snowman even though she does nothing to help. She just eats the snow and stomps around. But that's probably ok.

Elora loves throwing snowballs at everyone, but even more she loves to take a bite of the snowball before throwing it.

Mommy gave her a nice snowball to throw at Daddy but she got distracted by its yummy icy flavor. Maybe next time we go out we should bring a bottle of cherry syrup!

The snowman was so huge that we could barely lift the 2nd snowball. It took both of us, to pick it up, and even then we had to remove some snow from the ball first. Our final snowman is about 6 and a half feet tall! Elora really loves her snowman and gave him lots of pats, hugs, licks, and bites. She named him "Degobah" which is interesting because she's never seen Star Wars, but she does love R2D2. Random Elora factoid - one of her first words was mimicking the noise that R2 makes (in addition to making a strange Yoda like noise).

"Degobah the snowman" is very happy with his bushy eyebrows, hand drawn eyes, carrot nose and 20-cent smile. Everytime Elora walks past him she says she wants to eat the carrot and says "I need some money."

We also built Elora snow castle, complete with "snow mice" and "snow birds". She loves Cinderella and named her mice after the mice in the Cinderella movie.

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