02 February 2009

The Royal Treasury

We went to the Hofburg, which is the Parliment building in Vienna andthe former Imperial palace of the Hofburg Empire, which few peopleknow extended as far as Mexico.

There are tons of amazing statues all around the roof of the building.

We went to see the crown jewels. Elora was pretty excited to see crowns and "dresses" - which were actually coronation robes - that kings and queens wore.

This was a royal baby bassinet, which Elora thought was really cool. She kept coming back to it. Chris tried to hold Oliver closer to it for the picture, which caused an alarm to start beeping... oops! This made Elora even more fascinated, she kept asking, "What did it say? What did it beep for?" Elora is sitting with me now and she called it a "baby manger".

Besides the crown jewels there were other beautiful goblets, dishes, strange statues, and even some relics from different crusades. Some of the relics were kind of creepy actually... We actually thought we could see an old finger inside one of the beautiful relic boxes. Ew.

This crown was from the 1200s. It looks totally like a fake dress-up crown. Maybe they are lying and it isn't real gold and jewels...

Here is a collage of different interesting items we saw. I loved the old book with the gold cover. Elora told me it was a book for people to color in. Also, I liked looking at some of the ceremonial robes. The embroidery was incredible on some of them, and the one that we have a picture of on the right had religious pictures woven throughout the whole thing.

The whole palace is walled in with a huge wall, with HUGE doors at the gate. Which now remain open and cars can drive through. I just thought it was crazy that they still have these doors big enough for a cave troll to walk through. Was anything that big ever coming through the gates?

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