21 February 2009

Restaurant Fun

Karen came to visit me during the lunch hour of one of my classes. Actually it's a lunch-hour-and-a-half, because good meals require lots of relaxing and talking in Europe. Elora was passed out by the time we found a place to sit down in. She doesn't take naps anymore so anytime she's in the stroller in the afternoon it's only a matter of time before she passes out. She has predictable stages -- 1. Denial "I'm not tired" 2. Aggression "I don't want to go to sleep!!" 3. Unconscious Acceptance - she never says anything and never actually accepts the fact that she's tired, she just randomly goes from talking or wiggling around to passing out.

Here is a Mohnenudeln, a dessert I got at a dinner gathering with some other MBA'ers. It's a noodle pastry, sauteed with butter and covered in poppy seeds and powered sugar. All of those black things are poppy seeds. In Vienna they love poppy seeds. When they make a cinnamon roll, 50% of the time instead of having actually cinnamon and suger its actually poppy seeds and sugar. So they actually don't call them cinnamon rolls. But "poppy sweets". ps - I failed my drug test the next day...
Karen's dessert was much tastier. It was a Nougatknodeln. It's a sweet dumpling filled with vanilla or chocolate sauce. They were pretty tasty and as you can see very gooey.
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