17 February 2009

Ollie Valentino's 1st Birthday

Ollie "the Valentine" Williams celebrated his 1st birthday in style in the chic Vienna Hietzing district.

He loved having us sing Happy Birthday to him. We ended up singing it three times just because he had such a cute smile while we were singing. He was also entranced by the burning candle...

Oliver got a little heart shaped cookie instead of a cake. Elora and I had baked them earlier, and we figured it was sweet with frosting, so it was just as good as a cake. It ended up being really fun for him because he could pick the whole thing up.

I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his cookie.

What a happy birthday boy!

Oliver loved his new clothes. They work well for playing peek-a-boo, his favorite game.

The curly ribbon was his favorite part of opening presents. After he got the ribbon he started crawling away, so we had to bring him back to finish opening his gift! Elora was a little impatient and wanted to help so she could see what was inside. She kept saying, "What is inside? Is it a surprise? Here Ollie, let me help you!"

He started to see that ripping paper IS a really fun game!

Oliver got a little people farm. His favorite is the sheep. Elora also really loves the farm. "Can I please share your toys, Ollie?" Then she ran off with most of the animals... Luckily Ollie still had the curly ribbon and wasn't all that concerned...

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  1. Happy Birthday Oliver! Elora's lucky to have such a nice brother to share his toys with her...


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