22 February 2009

More zoo time fun

It was a cold, blustery day filled with hufflumps and woozzles, so we decided to head to the zoo. On the way there we saw a team of no less than 3 grounds workers cutting down an old tree outside of the zoo.

The more educated among you will observe their keen use of Stihl Chainsaws (guess who is commanding the keyboard for this post). It's also interesting to note that although there was never more than one person actually sawing at the tree at a time, they needed to employ 3 people, each with a $1000 chain saw. There was also a sign, explaining why they were cutting down the tree, in case any huggers got an idea and wanted to chain themselves to it. I didn't bother reading the sign, and instead silently cheered the chainsaw brigade on, wishing I had a trailer on hand to pick up all that extra firewood.

The Cheetahs were sleeping right by the glass so we got a good view. Everytime we go, we get to see at least one of the big cats (Tiger, Panthers, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs) up close.

Karen speaking now - I've always wanted to get a picture of these crazy looking squirrels with their huge tufty furry ears and bright red furry tails. They're fun to watch because they skitter across the top of bushes and jump from tree to tree.

The zoo has various enclosures where you can walk inside right up to various animals. This one was a bird enclosure. There is also a bat enclosure, which is quite possibly the scariest thing known to man when you walk through a curtain into a cave and, not knowing what to expect, a bunch of bats come flying at your head. The less you move, the closer they get to you on their flybys.

Elora loves the penguins, and the sea lions, which are right across from the penguins. She barks pretty well. Oliver also really likes to watch the penguinen schwimmen.

And we end with a sad picture. The elephant on the right was seperated from all the other elephants, and Elora was actually saying "Dumbo are you going to fly? Is he sad? Does he miss his mommy?" It was very sad...but the elephants smelled so we didn't linger long.

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