13 February 2009

A Membership to the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Here we are at the Kunst Historisches Museum, which is a huge art history museum. We bought a year membership which gets us into like, 7 different museums... Elora loves to look at paintings and statues, but only for a short period of time, so we figure this way we won't feel like we have to make the kids stay longer than they want to, we can just view a little of each museum at a time... This museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna.

I love the ceiling inside this building. It is incredibly ornate, and you get to see it when you walk into the main entrance.

When you enter the building there is a huge staircase you can go up, and the top floor of the museum is just beautiful. Elora still looks too small to walk up that many stairs... She kept telling us to hurry up as we tried to admire our surroundings...

As you walk up the stairs you get to a landing with this huge statue on it. Chris loved that it is a statue of a centaur, I haven't seen many of those.

I just love the lighting in this picture... This museum had a floor full of statues, but also Greek and Roman artifacts. I have never seen so many interesting items. I want to describe it, but it's impossible to make it sound as cool as it was. There were tons of dishes, jewelry, candlestick holders, those rings that people used as wax seals on letters, just tons of interesting stuff. I am excited to go back and spend more time in each room.

Elora loves statues for some reason, so she walks around asking us what each one is. I wish I knew more about each statue, she always wants to hear stories about the people in the statues. I should probably get one of those audio tours one of these days...

This is me explaining to Elora that we aren't supposed to touch the items in the museum. This one has lions carved on it, and when saw it she ran over to pet the lions! A museum employee rushed over to us. I swear I only turned my back for a minute, but she is quick... She was a little sad to find out the lions couldn't be touched.

This is a statue in the plaza in front of the art museum, and the Natural History museum that is across the plaza from the art museum. Also a very cool museum. This is the area called the Museums Quartier, and it is probably my favorite spot in Vienna. So many cool buildings to look at, museums to explore, and statues everywhere....

There are a bunch of these statues around the plaza, and I love them! Each one is a little different.

I just love that this building has statues and carvings all over it. It is incredible! We took a ton more pics, but this is already an incredibly long post...

This is one of the statues that is next to the entrance to the plaza.

The top floor of the museum is all paintings, we didn't really get a chance to explore up there because by the time we finished walking around the statues, Elora decided it was lunch time... We'll have to go back another day!

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