06 February 2009

Kulturalischen Observationen part 2

So, when fairy tales end in German, they don't say, "And they lived happily ever after". They say, "And if they are not dead, they are still out there somewhere". Which maybe explains a whole host of unreasonable expectations to live happily ever after in America, whereas in Austria they are just happy they are not dead...

They don't sell good crackers here. In fact, they really don't sell many crackers at all, the ones they do sell are like thick, dry, flavorless pieces of cardboard toast. They have a million kinds of cheese, and nothing good to spread them all. Apparently we are just supposed to use bread, but who doesn't want a good cracker now and then?

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  1. I have two packs of Ritz and a graham crackers sitting on my ironing board here waiting for me to see you! Will bring them on Sunday unless you are in the area and can swing by.


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