26 February 2009

It's Giant Tortilla and Cheddar Cheese Time!

The Naschmarkt has a Turkish/African food store, where we bought some huge tortillas. Mexican food ingredients are very hard to come by in Vienna.

Here I am spreading some $9 per pound cheddar cheese on the largest quesadilla known to man. Since we are cheap we watered down the pricey "imported" cheddar cheese with some gouda cheese to make it last longer. Gouda has become a staple in our house because it is so cheap.

Elora was really excited to have Mexican food again. Ollie liked it too. Notice the large griddle and nice frying pan, two items which we packed in suitcases from the US because we just couldn't do without them! (and griddles are unheard of in Vienna)

But Oliver liked the strawberries we gave to him while Elora was playing even more. If Elora ever sees any strawberries she has to gobble them all up as fast as she can. Luckily strawberries were reasonably priced so we bought a few packages.
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  1. I know how you feel about the mexican food. It was virtually obsolete in New Zealand. But now that I live in Livermore, there are many taquerias to choose from, and I am slowly trying them all. Sorry to rub it in, but I love mexican food.


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