10 February 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

And how old is Chris now? Don't bother asking him, he doesn't know until he stops to count the candles...

For Chris' birthday, we were actually on a skiing vacation (actually we were in Zagreb on my Bday!), which was a pretty good way to celebrate, but everyone needs a cake and candles on their birthday, so I surprised him with a cake one day at home. Elora was excited to help him blow out the candles and to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy. I didn't even know that she knew that song until she just started to sing... smart kid.

Elora was also incredibly good at opening Chris' presents for him. She has now been asking me every day since if it is her birthday. Not yet honey... almost, but not yet.

The Trawick family got Chris the movie Red Dawn, as you can see this was the one he was most excited about when opening gifts. I had never heard of this movie until recently, but Chris insists it is a classic and that everyone needs to see it. I have only made it through the first half hour so far...

From me, Chris bought himself a pair of skis, and poles, and boots, and a ski bag, and a ski jacket, and gloves, so I figured that was a pretty good gift, even if it wasn't a surprise, and even if it was Chris' idea... He loves his skis so much, he snuggles with them every day.

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  1. That Trawick family must be really cool!


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