06 February 2009

And if Teddy is not dead, he is out there somewhere...

Today we had to go to the post office to pick up a package, and then decided to go to the grocery store while we were out. So, to get to the post office, we have to walk about a kilometer and take a streetcar and then walk some more. We decided just to carry the kids, because we had been out playing at the park. Elora only agreed to go because she knew we were going to pick up a package that Nana had sent her, with a new book in it.

When we finally got to the post office, they couldn't find our package, so we had to carry Elora out of the post office, crying, "Where is my new book? Where is the package?" Sad. She finally calmed down when we got to the grocery store, where she was happy to walk around and look at all the treats, and pick out some hot chocolate.

When we were almost home from our outing, I noticed that Teddy was not with us. We tried to ask Elora where she had seen him last, "Was he at the park? Did you leave him on the train? Was he at the post office? Or at the store?" But all she would say was, "Teddy is crying! Where is my Teddy? I need my dirty Teddy! (We have a backup, but he is clean teddy, and not as good as dirty teddy)". After trying our best to convince her that clean teddy is just as good, and that we didn't know if we could find dirty teddy, and maybe he found a nice place to live, I decided to go look for him.

I went to the streetcar (but it is the longest streetcar line in the city, so I knew I would not be on the same one we had ridden earlier), and as I traveled I racked my brain to think where I had last seen Teddy. Unfortunately, Teddy is an extension of Elora, I don't really notice when he is along and when he is not... So Teddy was not at the post office, but luckily, our package had been found. Then I got to the store, and tried to retrace Elora's steps around the store. And there he was! With the coffee. Elora thinks it is hot chocolate, and must have put Teddy down to pick out the prettiest package. So disaster was averted. And Elora and Teddy lived happily ever after. She even told me that clean Teddy was not mean anymore, but nice and happy to see dirty Teddy.

Here is Teddy waiting for me, over an hour later.
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