03 January 2009

Tasty Bavarian Food....

Christmas Goose with Spaetzle (dumpling noodle). Not much was left when we decided to take a picture.

Karen ordered the Venison and loved it.

Wiener Schniztel mit Kartoffelsalat!

Weird skeezy (but tasty) meat dish w/ bread, and a glass of Schnapps in the middle we didn't know what to do with...

The mother of all Bavarian Creme pastry dishes. Fluffy creme, cream puff pastry, chocolate ice cream and sauce.

The same as above, but with sour cherries and vanilla ice cream. Chris started to devour this one before we realized we should take a picture.


  1. Spaetzle is the greatest food EVER! Or at least on my top ten list.


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