09 January 2009

Oliver Explores the Hotel Room

This will conclude our Garmisch posting. I feel like Oliver gets alittle ignored in the posting sometimes, since he doesn't walk aroundyet... but he is a really sweet baby who loves to play and is usuallya happy little guy. On vacation he had a great time exploring thehotel and playing with things he shouldn't, so here are a few of my favorites.

Power cords! Ollies favorite toys. He likes to pull out Elora's nightlight at home; at the hotel he stole Chris mouse and pulled any cord he could find.

Enjoying his Christmas presents.

Oliver has now inherited one of Elora's Teddies. She has three, so she kept the two big ones, and Ollie gets to have "Baby Teddy". Elora likes to borrow it back most of the time though...

Ollie was so excited that there were stairs in our hotel room. He kept trying to climb them even though he usually falls by the time he gets to step number two. I am so glad we don't have stairs in our apartment!

We got Elora this little cat puppet at the Christmas market in Munich. Ollie loved it, but has to play with it only when Elora is sleeping... And now a little video of Ollie and the cat.

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