26 January 2009

Observations by Elora... part 2

Chris made crepes for lunch today, which Elora calls roll pancakes. She had a couple left on her plate, and Chris sprinkled some powdered sugar on them for her. She said, "Thank you!" and I said, "You're welcome." She looked up at me and said, "No, you didn't make roll pancakes." (as if to imply, "I was saying thank you to dad, not you"). So Chris said "You're welcome" and Elora went back to eating.

Today we finally took down the Christmas tree, and Elora came over to me and said, "What are you doing?" So I told her I was putting the Christmas tree away. She said, "But I don't want the tree to go away!" As I left the room to find a box for the ornaments, I heard Elora say to the tree, "What's the matter tree?" and then she proceeded to tell me that the tree was sad and wanted it's ornaments back on. I almost left the tree up after that... but alas, a month after Christmas is long enough.

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