10 January 2009

Observations by Elora...

On the way home today, a lady got on the bus wearing a big fluffy orange fur coat, along with an awesome fur hat. Elora kept staring at her and finally said (in a very serious, contemplative voice), "That lady looks like a monkey." To which I replied, "Yes, I guess she does." Elora continued to stare, and about halfway home asked, "Does the monkey lady have a tail?" At which point I could only smile and giggle and hope the little old lady didn't hear...


  1. Wow, what an adventure you are going through you vieners. I would love to hear more, I'll keep checking back. And make sure to watch out for those monkeys on the bus!

  2. I love Elora. That is hilarious and I can just picture an old woman looking like a giant orangutan sitting on the bus now!!


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