01 January 2009

Garmisch Zugspitze Ski Trip

Chris insisted that I learn to ski while we were in Germany, which makes sense since there is really good skiing and beautiful mountains. As an added bonus I can now say, "I have skiied in the Alps!" No one has to know that I am terrible at skiing. Chris documented my skiing with the video - the most impressive part being that he was skiing backwards most of the time videoing.

Look at her go... slow! The bunny slope was closed when we first got there, and I didn't have a lesson or anything, Chris just taught me what to do. I haven't skiied since I was a Girl Scout, and that trip ended in a big snowball... So this time I fell a lot at first (every time I turned), but by the end I could do a whole run and only fall once. Always the first turn...
There are no ski lifts, just tow ropes (Chris says actually there is one chair lift, but I didn't go on it - it's apparently a six seater. Wow.). It is very strange, but I actually kind of liked the tow ropes once I got used to it.
This is on top of the Zugspitz, the highest mountain in Germany, where you get to ski on a snow covered glacier. You can see the German and Austrian Alps, and it looks like you are on top of the world.
The kids came up to say hi. It was very very cold and windy, but when I asked Elora if she liked it, she said, "Yes, it has a beautiful view." She also said she wants to learn to ski and go to ski school. When she watched my skiing video, she told me, "You did such a great job. You're a Princess."

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