07 January 2009

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Gorge Torchwalk

We took a night time torch-walk tour of the gorge in Garmisch. It's a windy (sometimes icy) ledge trail along the side of the gorge above an icey river, which is overhung by ice formations.

It was fun to go on, but you actually couldn't see very much of the gorge. It was more of just an atmosphere thing and a chance to playwith fire and pretend like you're storming a castle.

Oh no! My nose hairs are lighting on fire! Actually this is Chris showing how close he can get to the fire after making fun of me for holding the torch so far from myself in all the pictures.

It's funny, it was actually freezing outside that night, but when walking in the gorge with all those torches, it seemed pretty nice. When we had to put out the torches to get back on the bus it got really really cold again...

I kept smiling in all the pictures and Chris told me to look more dramatic, but apparently my "dramatic" face came out looking kind of irritated...

Afterwards we stopped at a cafe and had "Eischokolade - iced chocolate drink". Which from what we could tell was actually a cup of hot chocolate with a couple of scoops of ice cream with whipped cream on top. It was really tasty actually...

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