07 January 2009

Freezing Cold Carriage Ride

We went on a horse and carraige ride with Chris' dad one night. Elora
was still sick and had to stay home with Nana and watch Cinderella.
The carriage ride was an educational experience - we learned a lot
about the history of Garmisch and got to see some pretty sights around
the city. It was a bit chilly out however, and the last five minutes
Oliver figured out that he was too cold and cried the rest of the way.
Much to everyone else's joy in the carraige. Actually, he may have
been crying because he lost his sock, as we found out later. He didn't
have shoes because Elora kept "putting them away" while we were on
vacation. Luckily he was toasty warm in his authentic Zebra skin fur

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