24 January 2009

Filzmoos Ski Trip - Day 1

We went on a fun drive through the mountains in our rental car, and passed a lot of fun castles and ruins. We thought how nice it would be if we had a car so we could come back and explore all these fun places. The mountain roads were very beautiful and took us through little ski towns and snow covered forests. Oliver is obviously not as used to riding in the car as Elora, he started crying after he woke up from his nap, and fussed most of the way there...

The little town of Filzmoos is a cute ski town where are the apartments are right at the base of the lifts. All the hotels are just family owned large houses with multiple rooms. You can walk out your door and there is the ski lift. We got our skis, our room, and our ski class passes and everytime we tried to pay, no one would take our money... they just said, "No! Pay at the end. It is okay." Elora was very excited to try on her ski boots and see her skis. We took her over to the ski school, and she was very excited because there is a slide and lots of fun obstacles on a flat course that are shaped like mickey, frosty the snowman, etc. She has been talking about nothing but ski school since we got here. Every time she sees people skiing she says, "They are skiing! I am going to ski school!"

Here is a picture of the town that Chris took while skiing.

We are staying in one of the apartment hotels with a nice living room and separate bedroom. For breakfast Chris heated up some milk in the teapot, and we all enjoyed hot cocoa and sweetbread with nutella. Elora loves her "Hot chocolate steamed milk" and her "Chocolate treat bread".

The first day of classes I did a pretty good job. We weren't allowed to use poles, so I had to learn pretty quick how to keep my balance. The other people in my class are all really nice, and the instructor was very helpful. The funny thing is, when we were finally allowed to use poles, I actually thought it was harder to keep my balance... too many things to think about at the same time!

Elora was so excited in the morning, but once she got the snow boots and skis on she wasn't so sure she wanted to try skiing. She went to ski school, but after falling backwards a couple times decided she was all done. She went and played in the kindergarten at the hotel. In the afternoon Chris and I took her back out. She met her ski teacher at the hotel and talked to her, and told her she wanted to try skiing again. So we put the skis back on, and she actually did a really good job, and even skiied a little bit all by herself!

Here is Elora once she realized Chris wasn't holding on to her anymore...

After a hard day of skiing, we went to dinner at a little restuarant that was across the street from our hotel. I shared my spaghetti bolognase with Oliver. Every time I brought the fork close to him, he would giggle, smile, and give me the sweetest loving look I have ever seen. The way to my boy's heart is obviously with food...

There is a nice indoor pool here that we went to, and Elora and Oliver really enjoyed it. Elora especially loved the kid pool where she could stand up and play and go down the slide. She even made some little friends while swimming. She also tried to jump in the big pool a couple times, and told Chris to let go of her in the pool because "I can swim all by myself!" Oh really... luckily Chris didn't let her try it. It was really beautiful swimming and being able to look out all the windows at the snow coming down outside.

We took a ton of pictures of skiing and all the sightseeing we did. Click here to see more of our pics!

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