29 January 2009

Filzmoos Ski Trip - continued!

So Chris likes to take pictures while skiing, one was put up in the previous post. He was curious what he looks like while doing this, so I took a pic for him... I wonder why he wiped out on day one? Could it be he was so busy taking pics he forgot to watch the ski run?

Day 2 of skiing lessons did not go very well... There was a lot of falling and frustration as I tried to figure out how to parallel ski. I ended the lessons feeling pretty demoralized. Luckily Chris took me back up to the top of the slopes, and we skiied down together. I did well and enjoyed the relaxing experience of skiing without anyone watching my progress, which allowed me to end the day feeling much better. Elora woke up apprehensive about skiing again, so when she said she didn't want to try it, we decided to leave off ski school until next year... although this afternoon she said she wanted to ski and was sad when we told her that we already gave her skis back to the store. Make up your mind already!

Day 3 of ski classes went really well. I started out a little nervous as usual, but as the lesson progressed, and I became comfortable with the teacher and other people, it started to be a lot of fun. We actually learned how to parallel ski, and I thought it went pretty well. Now I ski in the fantastic style of snow plowing, with the occasional parallel skiing thrown in... but at least I feel confident about getting down the mountain!

Here is me with my ski class - our teacher was from Germany (wearing the red), and she was a really good teacher. Didn't speak great English, but she was super good at showing us what to do. The three others in my class were Garrett, Paul, and Susie from Ireland and said they come to Filzmoos every year. They were all super supportive and encouraging, it made the class a lot of fun.

After my class was over, Chris took me up the HUGE chair lift to the top of a HUGE mountain. It is neat because you get to ski a whole bunch of different runs to get to the bottom, and can choose harder or easier runs. It was very beautiful, and the sun even came out so that we could really enjoy the views. It was a great way to end our ski week.

Here is a picture of me actually skiing, and I don't look that bad... usually in the pictures I am holding my ski poles all funny (I don't actually ever use them... so I don't pay much attention to my arms...)

Here is Chris showing off and trying to spray me with tons of snow. Nice.

After skiing we took the kids out to play in the snow. Oliver thought eating the snow was interesting, but mostly just sat there looking around.

Elora LOVES playing in the snow, especially when she gets to throw snowballs at people. Here she is running to greet me just before pounding me in the head with a snowball. Such a sweetheart.

And of course, the bigger the snowball the better. She had a little trouble lifting this one, but eventually she picked it up, ate half of it, and threw the rest at me. Not sure why she thought throwing them at mom was WAY funnier than throwing them at dad...

After the snow we went to a restaurant and had some hot chocolate, and I love their funky spoons!

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