06 January 2009

Ehrenberg Castle Museum

A week in Munich! And 10 lifetimes worth of sights seen! We passed by the imposing, yet grand Castle Ehrenberg as we sojourned along the Autobahn toward Garmisch, on a return trip from the Bavarian King's castle Neuschwanstein and vowed to return to the splendour of these ruinous hills. But, alas, our progeny had become ill with much feasting on the morn' of Christmas. Elora discovered the wisdom of the manuscript "What Pets Teach Us", whereby it stateth "Too many treats can make our belly hurt."

But nevertheless, we pressed onward, putting our shoulder to the wheel and journeyed to the quiet valley of Reutte, situated in the shadow of the jagged peaks of the Austrian alps.

This is too much work and probably quite boring... since Elora was sick when we first visited the castle we decided to go back to the Museum when she was feeling better. This is a very cool museum, because it tries to help you understand a knights life, and is very hands on. You can try on all the armor, feel and pick up the weapons, climb into a siege tower, etc etc

Here is Elora trying on a very heavy knight helmet at the Ehrenberg Museum. She was very excited to try it on until she had the weight of it on her head.

Here is Elora standing next to a suit of armor. She was very excited as she ran around the different rooms of the museum (which was incidentally located in the guard house/fortress that controlled the pass to the valley).

This "glove" was actually quite comfortable and bent nicely with your hands when you strapped it in place with the leather straps. Although we keep talking about Elora having a great time, we were also having a blast.

Here is lil' Oller's being a Ritter auf dem Burg Ehrenberg (that's a Knight of the Castle of Mount Honor).

We didn't want to have too many pictures of the museum, so we made a collage of the rest so you can see them all quickly. Note the sword as big as Chris, Elora playing with the swords in the gift shop, Elora sitting on the trebuchet "ammo" (catapult stones?) and Karen on a real draw bridge.

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