21 December 2008

Wieners Know How to Party

Three More Fun Videos...

So we showed up an hour late to our Church Christmas Party here in Vienna and it turns out they were waiting for us to show up to get started....(not really but they hadn't started eating yet).

After dinner, in addition to the typical awkwardly dressed up children as wisemen and baby Jesus, there was a talent show (of sorts). Words can't do it justice... you just have to watch.

Check out Elora and her home boys. She ran straight to the stage and started dancing like a little fan-girl. We're not sure what is happening on the stage...and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with Christmas. But they know how to party in Vienna...(I guess... if you could wipe the **cringe** off your face). Be thankful we spared you the Britney Spears dancing number (for real!)

To finish off the night, 4 of the Missionaries did a skit about the true meaning of Christmas. This video really sums it up...We had them over for dinner (they pretty much only get to eat if you feed them...) just a couple nights before and suggested they make their skit as awkward and uncomfortable as possible for the audience. Clearly they did not disappoint! Elora crashed their skit, but it was already waaaay too awkward so on balance she probably helped. Three of the Elders are from Utah and one is from the UK, and the Brit is the one who wrote the skit -- it's obvious he's a positive influence on the Utah-boys!

And finally just a short video of Oliver trotting along having a gay old time!

Karen insists I point out the post was writen by me, where me = Chris. ps - we really had a great time. Just wanted to point that out for those who don't get the sarcasm!

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