31 December 2008

Trip to Munich

We drove up to Munich just before Christmas and went to the Christmas Market there. It was much bigger than anything in Vienna, although that makes sense because Vienna has dozens of markets, and Munich had this one sprawling one.

This is the Glockenspiel, which I believe is the largest cuckoo clock in the world. We didn't get to see it play, but at least it wasn't under scaffolding like it was last time we were in Munich! The clock has life size dancing people, and is mounted on the front of the Munich city Rathaus (which is very beautiful)

I thought this Christmas market had more "Christmas-y" things to look at. Lots of fun Bavarian style Christmas ornaments and decorations. We bought Elora a Kitty-puppet that almost unseated Teddy as her favorite animal (at least for a couple days).

Here is Elora with her Nana (not Grandma!) at the very tasty Bavarian style restaurant we went to. I LOVE BAVARIAN FOOD.

Here is Chris' dad with his coaster, which has his initials (J.W.). He was very excited, but as you can see also tired because they just got off their 18 hour long journey from the States.

This is the inside of the Frauenkirche. A large church which was partially under scaffolding on the outside, but was pretty neat inside. It was mostly destoryed in WW2, which is probably why the walls are so plain, but there was still a lot to look at. You can see more photos we took at the gallery link below.

This is probably sacrilegeous, but Elora was excited to see the candles and wanted to blow them out. Chris took a picture before telling her no (always take the photo first!). "It's a birthday cake!" Luckily she didn't blow any out, and no one else noticed...

Click here to see more pictures of Munich and the scenery, statues, Christmasmarkt at this photo gallery.

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