20 December 2008

Random photos

Okay, so this is a totally random post. I always carry a camera in my purse so that if we see something interesting while we are out I can take a picture... and some of these pictures deserve to be commented on, even if I don't need to make a post for the whole day surrounding the picture... so enjoy.

We often go to the grocery store together. We can carry more food home that way, and when we were first here it took both of us to figure out what kind of food to buy. It cracks me up because I am actually used to shopping now, and have found that most foods I need are available and not that hard to find, but at first I would just stare at all the weird German foods and think, What is all this stuff? So here is Chris with a friendly American food. Just pop it in the microwave and you can have a tasty American cheeseburger! Does anyone actually buy these?

Elora loves to watch the play Cats. She usually jumps around the room singing "Jellicle cats tonight tonight!", but this day she just snuggled up with her friend Teddy, and kicked back on our bed (she loves all our pillows).

Everyday a church near our house has bells that ring at noon and 6:00pm. If Elora hears them, she says, "Shhh... what do you hear? Do you hear church bells? They say, come to church, come to church!" So one day we were headed to the post office and saw this church. We went to check it out to see if it is the church whose bells we enjoy.

It wasn't, but it had beautiful stained glass windows. We took pics of a lot of the windows, but this one was my favorite.

Of all the little machines to ride on, it is awesome that there is a Ford tractor at the zoo. Elora got really excited (perhaps it reminded her of home?) and had to ride on the tractor. I guess it probably is a novelty for all the little European children, I can't say I have seen many Ford anythings over here.

Here is Elora kicking it in the stroller with her pear while the polar bears brawl. Chris thought this was great, and took video and a bunch of pictures of the bear hugs going on. Elora seems a little more passively interested. A little snack time entertainment.

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