30 December 2008

Meeting Santa!

We spent Christmas in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. On Christmas Eve at our hotel, Santa came to visit! We asked Elora what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas, and she said, "Cookies." Very practical. When it was Elora and Oliver's turn, we sat them both on Santa's lap. Oliver was super excited as you can tell. He loved Santa's beard, and kept wrapping his fingers in it. Santa couldn't help but laugh at little Ollie's excitement. Elora was super excited in her reserved way. She wouldn't talk to Santa, but she did willingly sit on his lap and even pulled out a little smile for the camera. Wow. Probably the best picture we got of her the whole vacation when asking her to pose (she usually looks the other way when you ask her to smile).

We were wondering though, whose idea was it to have Santa's helper elf in the picture? Totally random that this girl will be forever remembered in our kids' Christmas photo with Santa... Chris suggested pasting my face on her in photoshop, but I declined the offer.

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