15 December 2008

Kidlet Videos - A Slice of Life, Sorta

Early one morning, Chris and I woke up to a whole lot of noise coming from the living room. We grabbed the camera, and walked into the dark room, turned on the light, and... found Elora jumping on the couch, in the dark, with toys all over the room. She apparently woke up Oliver and decided to amuse herself. Notice how once she is caught in the video, she gets off the couch.

Oliver is the master of really strange noises, so as he was eating one day, we decided to capture his interesting vocals. Chris thinks Oliver is playing, and making anti-aircraft gun noises to shoot down the carrot airplanes. Others have described it as a cackle.

Elora gets a little hyper sometimes, and it is pretty interesting stuff. On this particular day, even Oliver didn't know what to make of his crazy sister, but he was very interested in watching her run around. For those who can't understand Elora speak, she is saying things like, "I am jumping and also being loud, and bouncing, and messing up Ollie's toys..."

One day at the zoo we were videoing Oliver because he was smiling and giggling. Then we noticed Elora in the background playing with her teddy... It is very cute how she was running back and forth having a grand old time with her little furry friend. So we decided to set the video to old time silent film music. If there is any video worth watching, it's this one...

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