19 December 2008

The First Snow

We had our first snow awhile back. It actually does not snow that much in Vienna, instead it just gets cold, but without all the fun fluffy stuff. We did get enough to scrape together a little snowman. By the time the snow man was complete most of the snow on the ground had already melted as you can see in the picture.

Elora's favorite part was eating the snow(man). Her snowman actually lasted about 3 days. She was excited to look out the window of her bedroom and our kitchen and see Frosty still standing. Although we had to prop him up with a stick...

Here is Karen in her new coat! And Elora eating more snow. She's actually very excited, although she doesn't like to admit it that she gets to wear a scarf here in Vienna. Everyone wears scarves here.

To protect the kids from the cold we bought some little sleeping bags from Amazon.de that buckle into the harness on the pram (or buggy, but -never- a "Stroller"). Little Ollie looks like a sausage. We tuck him inside it and then wrap a blanket around the top of his head so he can't pull his arms out, which he always does anyway. We also have a cover that goes over the top of the stroller to keep them dry from the rain or to keep the wind out (usually 15-20mph winds....ugg). Elora calls it the special bubble. But between their sleeping bags and the bubble they are usually toasty warm when we pull them out.
Lucky kids... we're usually freezing...someone should make a sleeping bag that you can walk around in.

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