07 December 2008

Even more Barcelona - Mont Juic

Mont Juic Castillo is a military fortress that was upgraded over the history of Barcelona and used up until the '60s or so. (this is history according to Chris, I have no clue... just along for the the scenery). It is on Mont Juic, a mountain (tall hill?) overlooking the coast of Barcelona, and has some spectacular views. Chris theorizes it was built in the gun powder age, because then their cannons could protect the harbor. We could go look it up on Wikipedia, but we are too lazy...
Here is Chris with the kids enjoying the view. The kids are actually staring at a pigeon, but it still made for a good picture.
Here is another view of the fortress. This was one of Elora's favorite things we did, because she got to run around all over the place, and there were even a few stray cats who lived there that she tried to feed flowers to.

She also enjoyed the "pirate cannons". They are apparently used to shoot the "bad pirates". I think Chris has been reading her some stories with embellishments, I don't remember ever talking to her about cannons or bad pirates...

We got to walk over a moat (a dry one, no snakes or sharks with lazer beams), and across my first drawbridge, but unfortunately there was no portcullis. Fezzik! The portcullis! This line would never have been said, if Wesley stormed Barcelona instead of Florin.
Here we are on the cable car that we took up and down. It is possible to walk up, but Elora loves the cable cars... This one was neat because it was all enclosed in glass, and had great views of the city.

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