14 December 2008

The Bird's Nest...

There is a little park across the street from our apartment Elora likes to play at. She is especially fond of a big tree that has a little cove underneath it. On this day Elora told me she was "in a bird's nest!" She and (dirty) Teddy proceeded to laydown and "nap" in her bird's nest.

This post is an equal opportunity Ollie post....I took the picture of lil' Ollers and myself, which is why I'm not completely in the picture. But I bet you just thought it was creative composition...
(Chris determined it was confusing for the text to be before the picture and unilaterally changed it for this post and all future posts. So let it be written so let it be blogged)
- Karen claims this is what happens when she dictates her blog posts to me, which she claims she has to do frequently because I won't yield back the "el-capitains chair".

Check out our picture gallery for more pictures of our European adventures as well as hiking trips in Utah and family photos.

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