14 December 2008

Bathtime Big Sister

Everytime Elora takes a bath Oliver crawls into the bathroom and howls at her through the shower door until we let him in. Elora also asks that he come in too because she likes to have company as you can see from these photos.

The "bathtub" is actually a plastic bucket that you buy at Ikea because no one has a bathroom big enough to have a real bathtub and everyone has corner shower stalls. Well, no one except for government paid people or diplomats that live off of other people's money... (Karen says "Thank you Chris for that commentary")

The bath-bucket is barely big enough for both of them to fit. In fact it's barely big enough for Elora to fit. The good thing is you never have to worry as much about them slipping or getting hurt in the bath-bucket. But they love splashing each other in it. And Elora now likes to wash Ollie and "rinse him" by dumping water over his head. As you can see Ollie puts up with a lot of tough love.

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