09 December 2008

Barcelona - Walkabout

Ah - scaffolding! This is the La Seu Cathedrale - Which was so incredibly beautiful inside, and I'm sure the outside would have been great too, but alas, our bad luck with scaffolding struck again...
We loved walking around the city. We stayed in the Gothic area with lots of narrow streets, which we loved, and Chris also enjoyed seeing the numerous Kebab stands (which I would not let him eat at since we can enjoy those anytime in Vienna).
We went to an indoor farmer's/meat market that was built on top of an old Roman fort from when the city was first built a couple thousand years ago... It is always so strange to read dates that old on architecture. In America we just don't seem to understand history that old. Chris finds it strange that they built on top of ancient ruins. In the US no one would build on top of something that historic, but that is because we don't have many ruins that old...

This is Chris' picture. We came out of the Picasso Museum, and saw this security guard with his revolver and his bandolier o' bullets. Chris thought it was hilarious that he had so many bullets like an old cowboy... somehow we could not imagine a situation where he would need to reload that many times as he is protecting the Picasso Museum. Chris points out that if he does need to reload that many times than he needs to be carrying a weapon that is more efficient to load.

Here we are walking around on our way to the beach, when we saw the happy lobster sculpture. Barcelona is a neat city because there is lots of old beautiful architecture, lots of new, modern architecture, and lots of random art all over the city - there is always something interesting to see, and I must admit, I loved the happy lobster for some reason.

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