10 December 2008

Barcelona - Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

We spent a few days exploring the area around the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya. The building is absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately Winter is a terrible time of year to take a nice picture of the outside... the sun was just never in the right place. But here is a picture we got one evening before we went inside to see the museum.

I am not sure how much Ollie learned from his visit, but he did like getting out and looking around. Chris even let him crawl around a little. Which is kind of gross considering how many people walk on that floor, but what do you do.

This is a view of the inside of the building. This is the main hall in the museum and all the galleries connected to it.

Once you get into the galleries they actually just cover the walls with drywall (but fortunately not the ceiling) so you can't see any of the ornate decorate designs, etc. It's kind of funny because they take an amazing building and cover it up. I'm guessing the reason is it would distract from the art they are presenting, but in a lot of places they end up covering up the art of the building itself. I suppose this is what happens in a nation with too much history/art!

Here's a view from the outside steps of the National Art Museum overlooking part of the city of Barcelona. Every Friday and Saturday night starting at 7pm there is a one hour long fountain/music show. If you show up early as we did both times you'll probably be greated by a street musician entertaining the waiting crowds.
Here is a rare photo of Elora-zilla playing with Ollie. Usually Elora's "playing" consists of "No Ollie don't touch that" or Elora just taking all of the toys away from Ollie with him sitting there with a sad look on his face. But she was having fun here, possibly because of all the treats we ate while on vacation.
The building has several levels of fountains. This photo was taken about halfway up, meaning there are still a bunch of fountains down below us. Actually the entire street leading up to the building for like half a mile is lined with fountains too.
Here is a picture down by the main fountain. If you've been to Vegas and seen the Bellagio fountain show, you might compare this one to it, although I'm assuming Bellagio was inspired by the Catalunya musems show, and the one in Vegas can't hold a candle to Barcelona.
At long last, and like 25 posts and hundreds of pictures later, we've concluded our trip-coverage of Barcelona. This was way too much work, and if anyone is -actually- reading this let us know if we should bother on the next trip.
And if you're ever on the way to B-town (Barcelona) let us know and we can give you some tips, or meet you while you're there!

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